The Vancouver Art Gallery Foundation was established in 1998 with the goal of creating a permanent fund to offer a steady base of operating support for the Gallery in perpetuity. These crucial funds support the long-term objectives and operations of the Vancouver Art
Gallery. The Foundation’s endowment fund is guided by a Board of Directors. A percentage of the income earned from the endowment fund is distributed to the Gallery each year to support its exhibitions and programs.

Gallery staff and the Board of Directors of the Foundation are committed to ensuring that the intent and value of donor contributions are preserved in perpetuity. The Foundation’s Directors serve on a volunteer basis.

Board of Trustees


For a complete list of all Gallery donors and supporters, please see the Annual Report.

$5,000,000 or more

The Audain Foundation:

  • Audain Curator of British Columbia Art
  • Audain British Columbia Art Acquisition Fund
  • Audain Emerging Artists Acquisition Fund
  • Audain Family Legacy Fund

$1,000,000 or more

Jean MacMillan Southam Art Acquisition Endowment Fund

Michael J. Audain and Yoshiko Karasawa

$500,000 or more

The Christopher Foundation
The Killy Foundation

  • The Killy Foundation Endowment Fund

The Estate of Doris Shadbolt

  • The Jack and Doris Shadbolt Publication Endowment

$250,000 or more

The Rix Family Foundation

  • The Rix Family Internship Endowment

$100,000 or more

Richard and Patricia Charles

Gerald and Sheahan McGavin

John and Rebecca McKay

Meriem Foundation

Michael O’Brian Family Foundation

Gordon and Marion Smith Education Endowment contributors

Estate of Stanley Katsumi Sugita Mary Margaret Young

$50,000 or more

Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Ardele Cliff

The Estate of Nora Doutre Gourlay

The Frances Shaftoe Trust

Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Barbara MacDougall

Milan and Maureen Ilich Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Garth Thurber

$25,000 or more

Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Trudy Pekarsky

$10,000 or more

Mr. Gary R. Bell

Patricia Charles

Mr. Jefferson Mooney and Ms. Suzanne Bolton

Marjorie A. Murray

Dr. Rodrigo A. Restrepo

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Tuey


$5,000 or more

Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Katherine Bellringer
Virginia and Michael J.B. Alexandor
The Estate of Ella Fell