Our Exhibits

The Vancouver Art Gallery presents exhibitions of work by artists ranging from historic masters to leading-edge contemporaries. These include major thematic exhibitions, presentations of solo artists and smaller, more focused showcases. In a typical year, 2 to 3 exhibitions are borrowed from other institutions and 10 to 12 exhibitions are developed in-house, drawing on our permanent collection and loans of works from around the world. In addition, the Gallery tours a few of its exhibitions each year.

Past Exhibitions

Kai Althoff

November 8, 2008 to Februaury 15, 2009

Kai Althoff
Untitled, 2001 (from Impulse; two students)
laquer, paper, watercolour, varnish
Martin Eisenberg/Fractional Gift for MoMA
Courtesy Anton Kern Gallery, New York

Kai Althoff and Lutz Braun
Kolten Fylnn, 2004
mixed media installation
Courtesy Gladstone Gallery
Kai Althoff was born in 1966 in Cologne, Germany. Based in the city of his birth, Althoff travels extensively for his individual and collaborative endeavours, exhibiting his work both nationally and internationally. His artistic output encompasses a vast spectrum of media, including works on paper, painting, photography, music, videos, text, performances and installations. He co-founded the German band Workshop, whose joint efforts figured largely in Althoff’s early artistic practice, and whose namesake—a place that advocates for the creative production of both the individual and the group—continues to play a recurring theme in his work.

In the first Canadian exhibition of Althoff’s work, the Gallery’s presentation will focus primarily on new material. Central to the exhibition will be a collaborative installation entitled The Weaving Place. Althoff will design this space to display and experience the work of San Francisco-based artist Travis Joseph Meinolf, whose manifesto and invention of the Laser-Loom explores issues related to alternative modes of production and the distribution of goods. Other new work will include sculptures made solely for this presentation and a collaborative dance-theatre piece, entitled I will be last.

A selection of previously shown works will also be featured, providing a contextual and historical basis for the artist’s work. Included is the first North American presentation of a fraction of the environment from Kolten Flynn, the site-specific installation Althoff and Lutz Braun created for the 4th Berlin Biennial.

Approximately 30 paintings and drawings dating from the early 1990s to the present and works drawn from noted exhibitions/installations will complete the Gallery’s presentation. This selection of work underscores Althoff’s fluid stylistic approach and masterful way of presenting life’s complex yet fundamental extremes with exquisite intimacy and insight. In its entirety, the exhibition abandons the straightforward survey in favour of a more complex juxtaposition of components, whose subtle connections will be revealed throughout the individual visitor’s personal experience of the space.

Organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery and co-curated by Kathleen S. Bartels, Director and artist Jeff Wall.