The Gordon Smith Memorial Fund

Gordon Smith on the cover of Vanguard magazine, 1976, Photo: Robert Keziere, Vancouver Art Gallery

Every so often in life, we come across a remarkable person—one who touches the lives of everyone they encounter. Gordon Smith, beloved artist, educator and philanthropist, was a figure who left an indelible mark in this world. His passing in January 2020 was a tremendous loss, and in celebration of his life and many achievements, the Vancouver Art Gallery is honouring Gordon’s legacy by establishing a memorial fund in his name.

Gordon and his wife Marion believed in the Vancouver Art Gallery’s mission so fervently that they left us an incredible $1 million through their estate. A leader in supporting excellence in education and the arts, the Jarislowsky Foundation in Montreal is matching their generosity with a special fund, created in 2021, focusing on advancing Canadian art.

Your gift will support exhibitions and publications, educational programming, art conservation and much more.

We invite you to share in Gordon and Marion’s generosity by participating in this important initiative with a gift or monthly donation.

For more information about the Gordon Smith Memorial Fund, please contact Aryana Sye, Director of Annual Giving, at 604-353-4870 or at

At Home with Gordon Smith, 2016

Film directed by Ryan Willms with cinematography and editing by Fahim Kassam, Courtesy of NOWNESS magazine

The Vancouver Art Gallery would like to thank all of the donors who have generously supported the Gordon Smith Memorial Fund to date.


Because of you, the Gordon Smith Memorial Fund will continue to provide crucial support to the Gallery’s exhibitions, publications, education and conservation programs to ensure that everyone in our community continues to have access to art.


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