Offsite: Polit-Sheer-Form Office

November 10, 2018 - September 2, 2019

Polit-Sheer-Form Office
Fitness for All, 2018
site specific installation at Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite
Photo: Maegan Hill-Carroll, Vancouver Art Gallery

Polit-Sheer-Form Office (PSFO) is an art collective composed of artists Hong Hao, Xio Yu, Song Dong, Lui Jianhua and curator/critic Leng Lin. Together, PSFO imagines a new socialism based on the possibilities of shared experience through communal activities such as travelling, eating, reading and physical exercise. At Offsite, they present Fitness for All (Vancouver), a five-piece set of exercise equipment that evokes campaigns throughout the People’s Republic of China aimed at motivating society to pay more attention to health. In the early 2000s, the government began to install exercise equipment in public parks throughout the country, and since then, the fitness apparatus has been worked into the daily regimen of millions of people. Acting as both contemporary sculpture and an outdoor gymnasium, Fitness for All (Vancouver) encourages audience participation while providing space and opportunity for collective gathering with friends, visitors and passersby.


Offsite: Polit-Sheer-Form-Office is the 18th installation in the Gallery’s Offsite series. Offsite is located at 1100 West Georgia Street between Thurlow and Bute Streets, west of the Shangri-La Hotel.

Organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery, an initiative of the Institute of Asian Art and curated by Diana Freundl, Associate Curator, Asian Art

Offsite is funded by the City of Vancouver through the Public Art Program. The Gallery recognizes Ian Gillespie, President, Westbank; Ben Yeung, President, Peterson Investment Group; and the residents of the Shangri-La for their support of this space
A program of the Vancouver Art Gallery's Institute of Asian Art
Visionary Partners for the Institute of Asian Art:

Liu Bao, Wang Ying and Liu Manzhao