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MANDARIN LECTURE SERIES | 藝術相聯中文線上講座 | Anchi Lin [Ciwas]

Tue Sep 15, 5 PM

Vancouver Art Gallery

Image: Anchi Lin [Ciwas] performs The Mask Series II (The Tattoo on Faces) at the 24th Nippon International Performance Art Festival in Osaka, Japan, 2019, Photo: Chiming Tseng

溫哥華美術館於2014年10月成立了溫哥華美術館亞洲藝術館(Institute of Asian Art,簡稱IAA)以加深其對亞洲藝術的承諾,建立與個人和社區持續的聯繫。合作夥伴關係是亞洲藝術館的一項基本原則,並為機構相互學習和促進公共交流來提供新的研究、展覽、計劃和機會。


藝術家講座:林安琪 [Ciwas]
星期二 |9月15日 |下午5點







The Vancouver Art Gallery launched the Institute of Asian Art (IAA) in October 2014 to deepen its commitment to Asian art and build a sustained engagement with the individuals and communities that produce it. Partnerships are a fundamental principle of the Institute, as are generating new research, exhibitions, programs and opportunities for institutional learning and public facilitation.

In lieu of on-site programming, the Gallery now streams live and interactive conversations into your homes, featuring guests from local and international arts communities. Everyone is invited to join through the webinar platform, Zoom. Once a month, the Gallery’s Institute of Asian Art presents Yishu Xianglian, a Mandarin-language virtual lecture series.

Tuesday September 15 | 5 PM
Artist Talk: Anchi Lin [Ciwas]
Discovering my indigeneity in Canada


Having spent a decade living in Canada, exposure to diverse cultural activities from different communities has broadened my perspective. This experience powerfully informs my art practice and my own sense of identity. Moreover, my observation and interaction with First Nations’ cultures in Canada allowed me to reflect on my own indigeneity. Eventually these experiences led to my return to Taiwan in 2017 to reconnect with my indigenous identity and culture, which was being supressed within my family. In this talk, I will be sharing my journey and how my experience mirrors my current artistic practice.


Anchi Lin [Ciwas] is of Taiwanese Hō-ló and Indigenous Atayal heritage. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art from Simon Fraser University and is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Art in New Media Art at the Taipei National University of the Arts. By negotiating and interfacing with concepts such as the environment, language, identity, gender and cultural norms, Lin uses performance, video and installation to inform her artistic practice. Her work navigates the interstitial spaces of flux between individual and collective consciousness.

This lecture is presented in collaboration with 2020 TAIWANfest.

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