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A Statement from the Vancouver Art Gallery

Fri Jun 5 1:30 PM

Vancouver Art Gallery

The tragic death of Mr. George Floyd has sparked a global call to action to end systemic racism. Protests and vigils around the world remind each of us of our responsibility to speak out against racist acts, particularly as things play out uniquely in each country and community.

These events also shine a light on existing biases in the art world, one that largely favours white histories and perspectives. It is a time for deep self-reflection, and art museums can do plenty to broaden both audiences and conversations.

At the Vancouver Art Gallery, we pledge to listen and learn in order to bring forth changes within our organization. Doing so will increase the diversity of what we exhibit, what we acquire for the collection, whose voices we amplify, who walks through our doors and who gets hired. 

We stand united with friends, communities and organizations here and elsewhere in support of equality and justice for everyone, with an understanding that the difficult work ahead of us must begin now. 

Daina Augaitis
Interim Director


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