Lectures and Talks

Art Connects | The Joy of Painting

Fri May 8, 2020 | 4:30 PM

Vancouver Art Gallery

with Jean Paul Langlois

Friday, May 8 | 4:30 PM


Stay home. Stay safe. Stay connected with our new series of online gatherings, Art Connects!

In this special instructional edition of Art Connects, artist Jean Paul Langlois will demonstrate his painting process for us live!

After a brief introduction to his work with Art Rental & Sales Manager Zoe Mackoff de Miranda, Langlois will captivate audiences with a performative painting session in his studio. While he paints, Langlois will talk about the techniques he uses and answer questions from the audience.

Langlois often begins his works by projecting an outline onto his canvas and filling it with his signature, vibrant colours. He has created a printable template that you can use to paint alongside him at home! Download it now »

Get your paints, markers or coloured pencils ready, and make art with Jean Paul Langlois. Happy painting!

This discussion will be in conversation with Zoe Mackoff de Miranda, Manager, Art Rental & Sales, operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery, and Stephanie Bokenfohr, Adult Programs Coordinator.

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Jean Paul Langlois is a Métis artist from Vancouver Island, currently painting in East Vancouver. His work is informed by television and cinema, particularly Westerns, 1970s sci-fi and Saturday morning cartoons. Using ultra-saturated colours, references to art history and well-worn cinema tropes, he seeks to understand the alienation to his own cultural backgrounds, both Indigenous and settler. His work is an examination of his own life, through the reinterpretation of family stories using characters and motifs from the pop culture he was weaned on. The result is a very recognizable style of familiar figures in their own worlds of bright colours and flattened space.