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Art Rentals & Sales

Come see what your walls are missing.

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Staging a home for sale? Have an empty wall in your office? Love contemporary art but can't decide what to purchase? Choose from over 800 contemporary artworks consigned to us by local artists and galleries. Rental fees are as little as $10/month and purchase options are also available.

Art Rental & Sales is a not-for-profit business operated by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Since 1952, the program has promoted emerging and mid-career Canadian artists through the rental and sale of their artwork. All the artwork in the rental program is consigned by the artists who receive the majority of the fees collected. The remaining proceeds are donated to the Vancouver Art Gallery.

  • The average rental fee is $80/month
  • Rental fees are a deductible business expense
  • Delivery and installation is available (for an additional fee)
  • All the artwork is also available for purchase
  • If you'd like to buy the art you're renting, we'll credit up to three months of your paid rental fees to the purchase

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Call us to make an appointment or stop by our Art Rental & Sales Showroom. We'll help you to choose the perfect work for your personal or business needs.

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NOTE: The Art Rental & Sales program does not include artworks that are in the permanent collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery.


Mark your calendars for these upcoming 2015 AR&S Events

Featured Artist: Sara Robichaud
Feb 3-Apr 17, 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 7pm
Art Rental & Sales
Artist Talk / Sara Robichaud / Art Rentals Showroom
Robichaud's work is rooted in formalist painting, engaging the viewer in an inquiry between the atmospheric and lyrical quality of the form and the hard physicality of material. Her process includes staining, layering from chalky opaque paints to transparent saturated colours, taping, scraping heavy gel and using lace as a stencil. Enmeshed with personal life experience, Sara's paintings explore generational feminine themes using an alluring and original visual language.

Free to attend but space is limited. For more information: 604.662.4746
or email

Sara Robichaud
embodied and tethered
acrylic on canvas
photo courtesy of the artist

Featured Artist: Torrie Groening
Apr 21-May 1, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 7pm
Art Rental & Sales
Artist Talk / Torrie Groening / Art Rentals Showroom
In her ongoing series titled Out of Studio, Groening depicts a traveling artist's makeshift work space photographed in both real and constructed locations. The images seem to blur the line between fantasy and reality by combining watercolor, printmaking, and photography through a digital montage technique. Groening's personal tools and props have been carefully manipulated into each image inviting the viewer to experience the setting as an artist might; in a moment of contemplation just before putting paint to paper. The focus of this exhibition is on Groening's hometown of Vancouver and speaks of the ongoing changes in the urban landscape.

Free to attend but space is limited. For more information: 604.662.4716
or email

Presented in partnership with the Capture Photography Festival

Torrie Groening
Green City Glass Blues (Vancouver)
Courtesy of the Artist

Featured Artist: Jessie McNeil
May 4-July 31, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 7pm
Art Rental & Sales
Artist Talk / Jessie McNeil / Art Rentals Showroom
In her interdisciplinary practice, Jessie McNeil addresses themes of place, collective and personal memory, language, landscape and value with an emphasis on cultural history and identity. McNeil's current figurative collage work, representing Vancouver's Strathcona and Chinatown neighborhoods, is made with the eye of a street photographer while fulfilling her need to cut, paste, smudge and assemble.

Free to attend but space is limited. For more information: 604.662.4716
or email

Jessie McNeil
Tartu Cyclist
Courtesy of the Artist

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