Our Exhibits

The Vancouver Art Gallery presents exhibitions of work by artists ranging from historic masters to leading-edge contemporaries. These include major thematic exhibitions, presentations of solo artists and smaller, more focused showcases. In a typical year, 2 to 3 exhibitions are borrowed from other institutions and 10 to 12 exhibitions are developed in-house, drawing on our permanent collection and loans of works from around the world. In addition, the Gallery tours a few of its exhibitions each year.

Past Exhibitions

Everything Everyday

October 2, 2010 to January 16, 2011

Stephen Shore
Twentieth St. and Spruce St., Philadelphia, PA, 6/21/74
chromogenic print
Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery
Gift of Alison and Alan Schwartz

The ‘everyday ?is a constant and meaningful presence. It is the fundamental rhythm of our lives and yet, within the history of art, it has rarely been the subject of sustained examination by artists. Only in the past fifty years with the emergence of a strong interest in pop culture, found objects, autobiographical narrative and blogs, has the consideration of quotidian life become a common subject in art.

The works in the exhibition are in a diverse range of media and are drawn primarily from the Gallery’s collection and augmented with loans from artists?and private collections. The exhibition is organized around three themes: Everyday Actions, Everyday Objects and Everyday Encounters. Everyday Actions includes works that consider those simple, sometimes mindless tasks we perform regularly; works in Everyday Objects take ordinary items as their subjects; and Everyday Encounters examines those common interactions that occur in daily life. Despite the presupposed banal nature of the subject matter, the artists in this exhibition manage to provoke surprising and poetic interpretations of the everyday in their work. Everything Everyday includes works by Arabella Campbell, Hadley+Maxwell, LAIWAN, Mona Hatoum, Gathie Falk, Ruth Scheuing, Khan Lee, Euan Macdonald, Aganetha Dyck, Diane Borsato, Gabriel Orozco, James Welling and others.

Everything Everyday is organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery and curated by Bruce Grenville, senior curator.