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Grand Hotel Gala

Grand Hotel: Redesigning Modern Life charts the evolution of the hotel from an isolated and utilitarian structure to a cultural phenomenon that figures prominently around the world. The scope of the project is global, an acknowledgement of the pervasive presence of a commercial network that is architecturally formed, geographically distributed and socially defined.

Grand Hotel's four main themes—travel, design, the social and culture—consider the vital role of travel and design in the development of the hotel, as well as the hotel's important role as a site of social interaction and cultural production. Together, they tell the collective story of this important built form, elucidating its prominence in the public consciousness and reflecting the nature of the hotel itself: engaging, innovative, provocative, ephemeral. Quite simply, the hotel is a veritable laboratory of modern life.

The exhibition is organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery and co-curated by Jennifer M. Volland, guest curator, and Bruce Grenville, senior curator, with assistant curator Stephanie Rebick.

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Grand Hotel Gala Grand Hotel Gala

Ace Hotel, Portland, 2007
Photo: Jeremy Pelley
©Ace Hotel

49er Spartan Mansion
El Cosmico, Marfa, 2012
Photo: Nick Simonite
Harold Chapman
The Beat Hotel Café, c. 1957
silver gelatin print
Collection of Vancouver Art Gallery
Gift of Claudia Beck and Andrew Gruft