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Sat, May 23
2-5pm, in the Gallery

Of Heaven And Earth Gala
Fri, June 12
Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver

Dr. Ocean Howell

Justin Langlois
Lorna Brown
Dr. Cameron Cartiere

Building for
Change Symposium

This public symposium begins with a keynote lecture Who is the Public? The History of Inclusion and Exclusion in the Design of Urban Public Space by Dr. Ocean Howell. Following this presentation, local cultural practitioners Justin Langlois, Lorna Brown and Cameron Cartiere will participate in a panel discussion entitled Claiming the Commons: Art as an Agent for Change.

May 23, 2-5pm
Courtroom 302
in the Gallery

Free to the public

Doors open at 1:30pm.

Seating is limited and
first come, first served.


Who is the Public? The History of Inclusion and Exclusion in the Design of Urban Public Space

When we talk about “the public,” we're never really talking about everyone. The very concept has always quietly relied upon certain exclusions along the lines of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, age, employment status, nationality, immigration status, recreational preferences, addiction, sartorial style or any number of other dimensions–from the most fundamental aspects of our identities to the most trivial expressions of our personalities. Through a history of how public space was designed in twentieth–century North American cities, this lecture traces major shifts in the very conception of publicness and citizenship.

Ocean Howell is Assistant Professor of History at the Clark Honors College and in the Department of Art History at the University of Oregon. His book, Making the Mission: Planning and Ethnicity in San Francisco, is forthcoming in November 2015 from the University of Chicago Press. His essays have appeared in the Journal of Urban History, Space and Culture, the Journal of Architectural Education, and Topic Magazine. He has been interviewed for articles in the New York Times, the Guardian (UK) and the Congressional Research Quarterly (US), and he has appeared on The Current on CBC Radio.


Claiming the Commons: Art as an Agent for Change

The Commons—collectively owned resources that belong to no one and everyone at once, such as public space—require care, ownership and activation that present distinct challenges. Art in public spaces has the capacity to move beyond theoretical discussions and transform our environment, especially when questions of stewardship and agency are addressed.

But does art possess the power to affect change? And if so, how and for whom? In this panel discussion, three cultural practitioners present their views on art in the role of civic engagement today and in the future.

Lorna Brown is a Vancouver based visual artist, curator, and writer, and a founding member of Other Sights for Artists' Projects. Exhibitions of her artwork include Carets, strike-outs, underlines, circles and dots at Publication Studio, Vancouver (2014); Threshold (cont.) at the Koerner Library at the University of British Columbia (2009); and AdmIndex (2010), an online work commissioned by the Audain Gallery, Vancouver. Independent projects include Digital Natives, a public artwork commissioned by the City of Vancouver (co-curator, 2011); Ruins in Process: Vancouver Art in the Sixties, an online digital archive (editor); and Institutions by Artists, an international conference, print and online publication (project manager, 2012).

Dr. Cameron Cartiere is an Associate Professor at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, specializing in public art, urban renewal, and environmental issues. As part of her research, Cartiere is collaborating with artists, writers, and scientists to convert neglected greenways and brown-field sites into native pollinator pastures using public art as the driving force for environmental renewal. Her forthcoming anthology is The Everyday Practice of Public Art: Art, Space, and Social Inclusion.

Justin A. Langlois is research director of Broken City Lab, an artist-led interdisciplinary collective and founder of the School for Eventual Vacancy. His practice explores collaborative structures, critical pedagogy, and custodial frameworks. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Culture + Community at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.


June, 12

The Vancouver Art Gallery's Gala 2015, held on Friday, June 12, 2015, will offer guests a spectacular evening of entertainment and a fine Italian feast prepared by renowned chef Umberto Menghi.


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