Rights and Reproductions

Images from the Gallery's collection of art by British Columbian, Canadian and international artists are available to license for publications and other purposes.

If you are interested in licensing an image from the Gallery’s collection please complete and submit our Reproduction Permission Form. Be sure to include all relevant information about your request, including artist, title of work, type and format of your publication, timeframe, and image specifications. Allow for a minimum of 4 weeks. Submit your application form to images@vanartgallery.bc.ca.

Copyright protects the creator of an artwork from unauthorized or inappropriate use of their work. The owner of copyright is usually the work's creator or heirs, unless the work is in the public domain. If you wish to use a reproduction of a work for purposes other than personal use, it is your responsibility to obtain copyright permission. The Rights and Reproductions department can assist in determining copyright status and getting in touch with the copyright holder.

A general guide to Canadian copyright:
  • Living artist - copyright owned by the artist
  • Deceased artist (less than 50 years) copyright owned by the heirs
  • Deceased artist (more than 50 years) copyright expired, work in the public domain
Fees are charged for the purchase and rental of photographic images. Price depends on the type and size of photograph required, whether existing photography is available or new photography must be done, and whether it is for non-profit or commercial use. Please contact Rights and Reproductions for a current fee schedule.

Researching Images
At the present time, access to the Gallery's Collections Database, containing links to selected works from our permanent collection, is available only through a public kiosk in the Library. The Library also houses thousands of publications as well as other resources. For assistance, please contact the Gallery's Reference Library.

Press Materials
Images for media use are available through our Communications Specialist.
For more information please visit our media room.

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