85 Years

Watch now: Our special 85 years in 85 seconds video montage of the Gallery


The Vancouver Art Gallery is turning 85! When the Gallery opened its door to the public on October 5, 1931, the Founders conceived of an institution that would provide its visitors with access to the art of this region, this nation and the world at large. 85 years of sparking curiosity and instilling cultural understanding through visual arts is an enormous mission supported by artists, Gallery members, donors, volunteers, staff and the wonderful community that has embraced us over the decades.

Share with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter your favourite moment at the Vancouver Art Gallery that continues to engage, motivate and inspire you! It could be an artwork that moved you, an exhibition that you connected with, an event that intrigued you, a person that you had an interesting conversation with, or a moment of contemplation that changed your perspective of the world.

All entries will be automatically entered into a draw – we will be giving away a mystery prize package every day from September 28 to October 12.