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Interior_Annual Report 14-10-24 4:52 PM Page 82

TRUSTEES STAFF Stationary Engineer Scott Elliott
Jordan Eggleston
At June 30, 2014 At June 30, 2014 Chief Development Officer
Building Services Worker
Lynette Tyler
David Aisenstat ADMINISTRATION Nancy Naidu Director of Annual
Past Chair, Building Cleaner Fundraising
Board of Trustees Kathleen S. Bartels Germinio Gutierrez
Director Karen Love
Claudia Beck Building Services Director of Foundation and
Nancy Morris
Hank Bull Michael Zozen Government Grants
Executive Assistant Building Maintenance Worker
Leslie Diamond to the Director Brett Clark
Bill Everett Paul Larocque CURATORIAL/PUBLIC Assistant to the Director
Secretary, Associate Director PROGRAMS of Development
Board of Trustees Kate Lade (Bilson)
Bessie Chow Daina Augaitis
Asaph Fipke Administrative Assistant/ Chief Curator/ Event Specialist
Terry Hui Board Secretary Associate Director Andrea Jensen
Development Specialist,
Jane Irwin Beth McInnis Julia Hulbert Corporate & Foundation
Associate Director/
Shenoor Jadavj Administrative Assistant Steven Best
Governance/Nominations Chief Financial Officer Bruce Wiedrick Development Specialist
Committee Grace Hu Manager, Curatorial Affairs
Intermediate Accountant GALLERY STORE
Sherry Killam Kate Henderson
Patrick Murphy
George Killy Office Assistant-Curatorial Suzana Barton
Chair Emeritus Accounts Payable Bruce Grenville Store Manager
Phil LindLarry Lunn Senior Curator Sharon Young
Chair, Darcy Morrisseau Ian Thom Assistant Store Manager
Finance/Audit Accounts Receivable Senior Curator-Historical Erica Krahn
Committee Administrator Grant Arnold Store Assistant
Kain Rukario
Naudia Maché Audain Curator of Laura Chiarenza
Computer Technician
Tom Milroy British Columbia Art Store Assistant
Inna O’Brian ART RENTAL & SALES Diana Freundl Matthew Quiring
Chair, Acquisitions Donna Partridge Assistant Curator Gallery Store
Committee Stephanie Rebick James Dellostritto
General Manager Assistant Curator
Keith L. Peck Gallery Store
Laura McAlear Emmy Lee Wall
Pamela Richardson Sales & Operations Manager Gillian Douglas
Assistant Curator Gallery Store
Eric Savics Isabela Oliva Hare Jayne Wilkinson
Barry Scott Showroom Assistant Exhibition Touring Assistant HUMAN RESOURCES
Lesley Stowe AUDIO VISUAL/GRAPHICS Allison Collins Debra Nesbitt
Chair, Education and Public Director of Human
Governance/Nominations Wade Thomas Programmer, Adult Programs Resources
Committee Audio Visual Technician III Vanessa Kwan Patricia James
Lisa Turner Susan Perrigo Education and Public Payroll and Benefit
Peeter Wesik Media Arts Technician Programmer, Live Administrator
Vice-Chair, Matthew Smith Tatiana Mellema Sherry Stewart
Board of Trustees Audio Visual Education and Public Volunteer Resources
Bruce Wright Jan Deny Programmer, Interpretation Coordinator
Board of Trustees
Chair, BUILDING MAINTENANCE Monica Smith Cheryl Siegel
Architect Selection Clarence Lafortune Conservator Librarian
Committee Head of Building Sabina Sutherland Joanna Spurling
Shengtian Zheng Maintenance Conservation Assistant Library Assistant

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