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Interior_Annual Report 14-10-24 4:52 PM Page 68

VANCOUVER Claudia Beck and Lifetime Gifts Stephen Brown and
ART GALLERY Andrew Gruft of $250,000 or more Brenda Woods
BUILDING FUND John and Eve Davidson Kathleen and Laing Brown Toni and Hildegard Cavelti
Rodrigo A. Restrepo Ronald and Ardelle Cliff A. Bernard Coady,
Province of British Columbia Alan and Alison Schwartz Cordell Couillard Daryl K. Seaman and
Donald R. Seaman
Ken Walley Family Sandra L. Simpson Thomas J. Deutsch
Monty James Cooper
Stephen and Katherine Anonymous Stan Douglas and Mina Totino
Bellringer A.J. and Gillian Diamond
Lifetime Gifts Henning and Brigitte Freybe
Estate of Christopher of $500,000 or more Michiko Gagnon Gluskin Sheff & Associates
Emmanuel Braun Abraham Greenberg
Estate of Jessie Binning The Estate of John L. Parnell
Naomi and Judith Greenberg
GIFTS OF ART Estate of Dorothy Jane Boyce Daniel and Trudy Pekarsky Estate of Paul and
Edward Burtynsky John Petch Q.C. Edwina Heller
MAJOR ART DONORS Toni Ann and Godfrey Gerald and Doris Radowitz Fred and Christel Herzog
Chowne Estate of Eric Sonner Bill Jeffries
Lifetime Gifts Jochen Gerz Allan and Faigie Waisman
of $5,000,000 or more Estate of Anna K. Jetter
The Honourable John Nichol Ian Wallace Morris and Miriam Kaplansky
J. Ronald and and Liz Nichol Ann and Marshall Webb
Jacqueline Longstaffe Ann Kipling
The Estate of Anonymous
The Rossy Family Kathleen Ellen Reif Uno and Dianne Langmann
Foundation Lifetime Gifts Ken Lum
Stewart and Clemencia of $100,000 or more
Lifetime Gifts Sheppard Liz Magor
of $1,000,000 or more Anona Thorne and Roy Arden Harry and Ann Malcolmson
Michael J. Audain and Takao Tanabe Jacques G. Barbeau James and Barbara Mastin
Yoshiko Karasawa Keith Westergaard Thomas H. Bjarnason Jane Mastin and James Funk

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