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Lawren Harris Drawings Tumblr site invited the public to identify paintings that may relate to
forty-six Harris drawings from the Gallery’s collection, which initiated an important dialogue
on the artist’s practice. The Gallery also launched its first-ever audio guide app for Douglas

Coupland , providing visitors with dynamic audio, images and text related to specific works in
the exhibition, greatly enriching their experience while providing them with an educational
tool that they could continue to explore after their visit. The Coupland exhibition also featured
interpretive spaces that utilized the artist’s personal archive, his published books as well as
a variety of Group of Seven sketches Coupland selected from the Gallery's Collection to further
illuminate his practice.
The Gallery also had an active program of adult tours throughout the year, offering dis-

cussions of current exhibitions every Thursday and Saturday to audiences that have continued
to grow. The number of Private Guided Tours alone increased to 136, becoming a regular
feature of private events and post-secondary groups’ visits to the Gallery. As part of the Charles
Edenshaw exhibition, the tour program also featured weekly guest tours by artists and curators
from the local Haida community who spoke about their interpretation of Edenshaw’s work to

100-person audiences.
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