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also an important focus throughout the year, with Rhonda Weppler, Tom Sherman, Muntadas,
Babak Golkar, Myfanwy MacLeod and Douglas Coupland speaking about their work.

The thirteenth annual Heller Lecture, featuring photographer Edward Burtynsky with human
ecologist William Reese and anthropologist Wade Davis, continued the Gallery’s significant
contribution to public discourse. This commitment was further extended in the online realm,
as the Gallery website became a permanent home for the documentation of many lectures
and events, which have now reached over 30,000 viewers.

Interpretation In 2013/14, a number of interpretive programs furthered the public’s
engagement with the ideas, contexts and histories presented in the Gallery’s exhibitions. For
Myfanwy MacLeod, or There and Back Again , dedicated interpretive spaces exhibited materials
from popular culture that were the impetus for many of MacLeod’s works, while audio stations
featuring interviews with the artist provided invaluable insights into her artistic process. The

ABOVE: Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Opera for a Small Room , 2005 (interior view), mixed-media installation with audio,
record players, records, speakers, synchronized lighting, Courtesy of the Artists and Luhring Augustine Gallery, New York

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