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FUSE In 2013/14 the Gallery continued to expand its reach into new audiences by increasing

the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of the ever popular FUSE event, attracting over
8,800 visitors and generating 210 membership sales. This internationally recognized night of
art, performance and music continues to draw larger and more enthusiastic crowds each year.
The Gallery worked with the local production company the Arrival Agency in July 2013 to
produce one of the best attended FUSE events to date, Grand Ballroom , which featured artists
Kinesis Dance, House of La Douche, DJ Cherchez La Femme, Chris Gestin, Jessica Lalonde,

Megan Lenover, Shadowline, Freak Heat Waves and Paul Wong. Through collaboration with
VIVA Vancouver the footprint of the event was expanded, allowing guests to spill out of the
gallery onto Robson Plaza and the Robson steps. This partnership significantly increased the
visibility of the Gallery’s programming, providing more opportunities for artists and furthering
the Gallery’s relationships with the City of Vancouver and the downtown community.

In November, FUSE: Crowd Studies showcased a range of outstanding social and participatory
practices with artists such as the Voice Over Mind Choir, Instant Coffee, Douglas Coupland,
Kimsooja, Germaine Koh, as well as Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling.
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