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Organized and circulated by the Vancouver Art Gallery and curated by Robin K. Wright, Director, Bill Holm Center
for the Study of Northwest Coast Art and Daina Augaitis, Chief Curator/Associate Director, Vancouver Art Gallery,
with Haida advisors Robert Davidson and James Hart
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, ON
March 7 to May 25, 2014
McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, ON
June 27 to September 21, 2014

Indigenous art from the Northwest Coast is recognized around the world for its highly developed æsthetic style,
intelligent design and skillful craftsmanship. Many artists, past and present, have made important contributions
to the advancement of these unique forms but Charles Edenshaw, also known by his Haida name Da.axiigang,
is regarded as one of the great masters. This exhibition constitutes the first comprehensive survey of works by
this nineteenth-century carver of wood, argillite and metal, and affords a rare opportunity to consider Edenshaw’s
creative output as a totality.
The touring exhibition presented a wide range of objects created by Edenshaw during his lifetime, from tradi-
tional items made for family members to elaborately carved argillite poles, platters and other pieces produced
as art for trade with Europeans.
This exhibition was generously supported by The Audain Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Government of Canada
through the Museums Assistance Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage and David Aisenstat.

ABOVE: Installation view of Charles Edenshaw at the National Gallery of Canada

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