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A History of Canadian Painting from the Collection

June 28 to October 19, 2014
Organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery and curated by Ian M. Thom, Senior Curator-Historical

Art has helped to define Canada, its landscape and its people. Composed of works from the Gallery’s permanent
collection, Painted Past traced the history of painting in both Canada and British Columbia through three sections:
portraiture, landscape and cityscape. The exhibition was the first survey of historical Canadian painting drawn
from the Gallery’s collection in over four decades.
Beginning with works from the early nineteenth century, Painted Past explored the variety of approaches to
landscape, the influence of European traditions and the effort to establish an art which was uniquely Canadian,
which was centred on the work of members of the Group of Seven in the 1920s and later spread across the
country. The portraiture section of the exhibition included several important examples of work from the Maritimes,
Quebec and British Columbia, spanning a similar time period. In the cityscape section, twentieth century works
demonstrated highly individual approaches to the urban landscape among both expatriates and Canadians from
British Columbia and Ontario in particular.
The Vancouver Art Gallery has the most important collection of Canadian art in BC; particularly rich in art
from this province, it also has important holdings of Quebecois and other historical and modernist works from
across the nation.

ARTISTS: Peter Aspell, Unity Bainbridge, Archibald George Barnes, Maxwell Bates, Henri Beau, J.W. Beatty,
Frederic Marlett Bell-Smith, B.C. Binning, Bernardus Johannes Blommers, Johannes Bosboom, Bruno Bobak,
Molly Lamb Bobak, Fritz Brandtner, Claude Herbert Breeze, Ghitta Caiserman-Roth, A.J. Casson, Franklin
Carmichael, Emily Carr, Jack Chambers, Nan Lawson Cheney, Frederick Simpson Coburn, Charles John Collings,
Alex Colville, Maurice Cullen, Greg Curnoe, Kathleen Daly, Robert Field, Orville Fisher, Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald,
Henry De Forest, Robert Ford Gagen, Clarence Gagnon, Wyly Grier, Theophile Hamel, John Hammond, Lawren
Stewart Harris, Robert Harris, Salmon Harris, Edwin H. Holgate, E.J. Hughes, Jack Weldon Humphrey, Jozef
Israëls, A.Y. Jackson, Otto Reinhold Jacobi, Don Jarvis, Francis Hans Johnston, John Koerner, Farquhar McGillivray
Knowles, Cornelius Krieghoff, Jean Paul Lemieux, Arthur Lismer, Laura Muntz Lyall, J.A.S. Macdonald, J.E.H.
MacDonald, Pegi Nicol MacLeod, Jacob Maris, Willem Maris, Thomas Mower Martin, Anton Mauve, Henrietta
Mabel May, David Blair Mayrs, David Brown Milne, James Wilson Morrice, Paul Peel, Alfred Pellan, Sophie Theresa
Pemberton, George Douglas Pepper, Llewellyn Petley-Jones, Christiane Pflug, Antoine Sebastien Plamondon,
Joe Plaskett, Paul Rand, Irene Hoffar Reid, Moe Reinblatt, Jeanne Rheaume, Goodridge Roberts, Willem Roelofs,
Anne Savage, Charlotte Schreiber, Charles H. Scott, Marian Scott, Jack Shadbolt, Adam Sherriff, Gordon Smith,
Jori Smith, Michael Snow, Heather Spears, Marc Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Côté, Takao Tanabe, Mashel Teitelbaum,
Tom Thomson, Mildred Valley Thornton, Jacques de Tonnancour, Harold Town, Sydney Strickland Tully, Ina Uhthoff,
Frederick Horsman Varley, Frederick Verner, Horatio Walker, Homer Ransford Watson, Charles J. Way, Vera Olivia
Weatherbie, Johan Hendrik Weissenbruch, William Percival Weston, Robert R. Whale, Robert Young

Generously supported by: Marietta E. Hurst, Martin and Sally Parker
Visionary Partner for Permanent Collection Exhibitions: Michael O’Brian Family Foundation
Additional Support: BELFOR

OPPOSITE: Molly Lamb Bobak, Portrait of Joan Lowndes , 1952, oil on panel, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Gift of Joan Lowndes

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