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New Acquisitions

March 29 to September 1, 2014
Organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery and curated by Stephanie Rebick, Assistant Curator

This exhibition showcased works that have been added, through donation or purchase, to the Gallery’s permanent
collection over the past three years—many of which were exhibited for the first time. The exhibition was prompted
by the recent donation of eighty-one photographs by Harold Edgerton, who has been credited with inventing
ultra-high-speed, stroboscopic and stop-action photography to take pictures of events that occur too quickly
or slowly to be discerned by the human eye.
Taking Edgerton’s remapping of the possibilities of space and time as a thematic starting point, Out of Sight:
New Acquisitions explored artists’ engagement with ideas about perception and representation, challenging viewers
to reconsider what is seen in everyday encounters. Collectively, the featured artists investigate the ambiguities
of perception—the imperfect nature of what we see and experience—by creating enigmatic depictions that exist
at the edge of representation and deliberately resist easy reading. From explorations of the limits of recognition
to spatial constructions that defy the laws of perspective and question how time is represented and perceived,
these works acknowledge the inadequacies of optical vision to fathom life at its most robust.

ARTISTS: Richard Artschwager, Iain Baxter, Rebecca Brewer, Harold Edgerton, Gathie Falk, Monique Fouquet,
Charles Gagnon, Graham Gillmore, Angela Grossmann, Holger Kalberg, Gary Lee-Nova, Euan Macdonald, Michael
Morris, Eadweard Muybridge, Elspeth Pratt, Ryan Sluggett, Corin Sworn, Diana Thater, Robert Youds, Etienne Zack

Visionary Partner for Permanent Collection Exhibitions: Michael O’Brian Family Foundation

ABOVE: Installation view of Out of Sight: New Acquisitions , showing work by Diana Thater, Etienne Zack, Elspeth Pratt and Richard

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