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Deep Forest

December 21, 2013 to March 9, 2014
Organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery and curated by Ian M. Thom, Senior Curator-Historical

The Vancouver Art Gallery is home to the finest collection of Emily Carr works in the world. Featuring major
pieces from throughout her career, the Gallery’s permanent collection is particularly rich in her forest paintings
from the 1930s, both canvases and works in a medium she began using during that period, oil on paper. Carr’s
images depict the coastal forest landscape, generally the area around her Victoria home, in a way that was
previously unseen in British Columbia art. While others thought of the forests as impenetrable and unappealing,
Carr saw the vitality of the natural world and seized the opportunity to express her vision. While her art was
strongly influenced by modernist ideas—which came from her reading and looking at the work of artists such
as Mark Tobey and Lawren Harris, among others—her synthesis of the spiritual and natural is uniquely her own.
Carr’s paintings of the forest profoundly shaped not only her own work, but also the way that British Columbians
perceived the natural world. No subsequent painter can depict the forests of this province without acknowledging
her achievement.

ARTIST: Emily Carr
Visionary Partner for Permanent Collection Exhibitions: Michael O’Brian Family Foundation

BELOW: Emily Carr, Deep Forest , c.1931, oil on canvas, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Emily Carr Trust

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