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Interior_Annual Report 13-10-30 4:32 PM Page 64

The Frances Shaftoe Trust Mr. Jefferson Mooney and HONORARY Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heller
Mr. Gordon and Ms. Suzanne Bolton BENEFACTORS Mr. David E. Lemon
Mrs. Barbara MacDougall Marjorie A. Murray Mr. Ed Life
Milan and Maureen Ilich Dr. Rodrigo A. Restrepo Mr. Robert and Mrs. Jacqueline Longstaffe
Foundation Mrs. Janice Annable
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Tuey Mr. Michael J. Audain and Mrs. Mary L. McDonald
The Estate of
Stanley Katsumi Sugita $5,000 or more Ms. Yoshiko Karasawa Mr. Gerald and
Jerry and Merla Beckerman Mrs. Sheahan McGavin
Mr. and Mrs. Garth Thurber
Virginia and Mr. Samuel and Dr. David I. McLean and
$25,000 or more Micahel J.B. Alexandor
Mrs. Frances Belzberg Dr. Siu Li Yong RIGHT: Ian Wallace, New York City (5th & 57th) I, 1993, chromogenic print, acrylic on canvas, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Gift of Donald Vukson Canadian Collections.
Mr. Daniel and Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Peter J.G. Bentley Mr. David and
Mrs. Trudy Pekarsky The Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Branch Mrs. Brenda McLean
Mr. Stephen and Ella Fell Mr. Robert and Mrs. Kathleen Meek
Mrs. Katherine Bellringer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heller Mrs. Susanne Brodie John Nichol
The Bellringer Family Meriem Foundation Mr. Ronald and Mr. C. Michael and
Foundation LEFT: William Brymner, Ruin of a Church, 1891, oil on canvas, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Gift from an Anonymous Donor.
Mr. David and Mrs. Ardelle Cliff Dr. Inna O'Brian
Gordon and Marion Smith
Mrs. Patsy Heffel Mr. F. Peter Cundill Dr. Donald B. Rix
$10,000 or more Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heffel Mr. Brian Walley
Robert M. Ledingham and
Mr. Gary R. Bell Robert G. Lemon Mr. David and Mrs. Patsy Heffel Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Woods

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