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Mrs. F. Mary Hungerford Dr. Martin and $750 or more Mr. Henning and
Mrs. Grace Robin Mrs. Brigitte Freybe
Patricia Hyssop Anonymous
Judy Gale Inc. Tina Rowntree Jake Boxer Globe Development and
Planning Ltd.
Charlene and Robert and Jeanie Sanderson Peter Busby John Gregory
Terry Krepiakevich Donald R. Steele Judy Garner Ms. Sara Heron
Paul Larocque Stein Medical Clinic Arlene Gladstone Lynn Kagan
Marian and Cheryl Stevens Henry LaBounta Margaret Kendrick
John MacFarlane The Hamber Foundation Turrall A. Moore Richard E. Lester
Ms. Shawne MacIntyre and Mr. Ron and Napaja Enterprises Ltd
Mr. Tom Monaghan Mrs. Janet Stern Gary Lyons
Andrew Pringle Geraldine Malkin
John Macintyre Dr. William Reliance Holdings
Beth McInnis and Mrs. Ruth Ross Anthony Sessions Andrew McLetchie
David Netboy
Thomas Meighan H. Vaughan Thornton and Ms. Lynn Frances Teixeira
C. Nicholas Thornton Ms. B. Perowne
Alexandra Montgomery Anona Thorne and
Mr. and Mrs. Garth Thurber Mr. Jim S. Poole
Nemtin Consultants Ltd. Takao Tanabe
Leslie Cliff and Mark Tindle Frederick Sharp
Heather C. Notman Eric Wilson Beverley L. Tamboline
Gary Wagenheim and
John and Helen O'Brian $500 or more Maureen Tymkiw
Carolyn Egri
Opus Framing & Art Supplies Frank Beck Variant Path Partnership
H. Patricia Wakefield
Ian Penn Mr. Tamas Cseza Philip Webber
Mr. Peter and
Dr. Thomas Pullano Mrs. Opal Wong Dale C. Essar Dianne Wheeler

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