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Interior_Annual Report 13-10-30 4:32 PM Page 51

MOPPETT, DAMIAN NUU-CHAH-NULTH ARTIST 5 silver gelatin prints ink and watercolour works
Purchased with the support on paper
Large Painting and Caryatid Black rim hat, ca.1840 of the Canada Council for the Gift of Gareth Sirotnik
Maquette in Studio at Night, spruce root, cedar bark, Arts Acquisitions Assistance
2008 textile, paint Program and the Vancouver PRATT, ELSPETH
oil on canvas Donated by Michael Audain Art Gallery Acquisition Fund Portico, 2011
Gift from a Private Collection, and Yoshiko Karasawa wood, particle board, laminate
Vancouver Xá:ytem (formerly
PASSMORE, HEATHER Gift of the Artist
HOLDING (property)),
MORRIS, ROBERT Mattress Painting #1, 2009 1991 RAPHAEL, WILLIAM
Continuous Project Altered acrylic on found fabric from metal, wood, silver gelatin On the Richelieu River, 1881
Daily, 1969 abandoned mattress print, graphite on paper oil on canvas
artist book Gift of Nora Kelly Purchased with the support Gift from an Anonymous
Gift of Bill Jeffries Mattress Painting #3, 2010 of the Canada Council for the Donor
Arts Acquisitions Assistance
MORRISON, ALEX acrylic on found fabric from Program and the Vancouver
abandoned mattress ROYAL ART LODGE
All the Old Spots, 2001 Purchased with the proceeds Art Gallery Acquisition Fund Not titled [put ‘em in their
chromogenic print from the Audain Emerging Mnemonicon (The Screen), boxes and throw them off
Gift of the Artist Artists Acquisition Fund and 1988 that bridge], 2000
the support of the Canada silver gelatin prints,
Open Air Cinema, 2004 watercolour, ink on paper
chromogenic print Council for the Arts Acquisition wood screen Gift of Monty James Cooper
Gift of the Artist Assistance Program Gift of the Artist
Not titled [bear, alligator,
Picture for a Glass Tower kangaroo], 2000
(New Dawn Rising), 2007 MARIAN from the Invisible watercolour, felt pen, pencil
acrylic on canvas spiritland/Octopus Books, Sightings (Taiwan) Suite, crayon, ink on paper
Gift of the Artist Fourth Avenue, 1987 1996–1997 Gift of Monty James Cooper

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