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Interior_Annual Report 13-10-30 4:32 PM Page 50

Spruce root hat, Coming and Going: the Erotic MACDONALD, JOCK Broom, 2005
ca.1870 Life of Property, 2009 Etheric Form, 1934 chromogenic print
spruce root, paint paper, cardboard, plastic, oil on plywood Gift of the Artist
Donated by Michael Audain correction fluid, tape, Gift from an Anonymous Donor Hallway, 2005
and Yoshiko Karasawa chromogenic print chromogenic print
Gift of the Artist MACLEOD, MYFANWY
JAMES, GEOFFREY Gift of the Artist
LEE, EVAN Gate, 2005
La Campagna Romana, chromogenic print Attic, 2005
1989 Bottles, 1999 Gift of the Artist chromogenic print
10 silver gelatin prints chromogenic print The Cabrach, 2005 Gift of the Artist
Gift of Claudia Beck and
Gift of Claudia Beck and chromogenic print Torso of a Young Girl, 2006
Andrew Gruft Andrew Gruft Gift of the Artist nylon
LINSLEY, ROBERT Gift of the Artist
chromogenic print
from 100 Views of Mount Princess X, 2006
Pipedream, 2004 Gift of the Artist
oil on canvas Baker, 1996–2012 mirror
mixed media and single Bathtub, 2005 Gift of the Artist
Gift of Doris and channel colour video chromogenic print
Ed Daughney MARTIN,
Gift of Yvonne Ip Gift of the Artist
LISMER, ARTHUR Bedsheet with Holes, 2005
chromogenic print Olympic Mountains, West
ETHOS: Writing with Found
Forest, B.C., 1956 Gift of the Artist Coast, B.C., ca.1900
Objects, 1982 oil on canvas board oil on canvas
found objects, paper, plastic, In memory of my parents, Mailslot, 2005 Gift from an Anonymous
metal Charles A. and Jean C. Moore, chromogenic print Donor
Partial gift of the Artist and Gift of Turrall A. Moore Gift of the Artist
partial purchase with the Growth, 2005 MOORE, GARETH
support of the Canada Council MACDONALD, EUAN chromogenic print Allochthonous Window, 2013
for the Arts Acquisition Healer, 2002 Gift of the Artist mixed media
Assistance Program and single-channel colour video Entrance, 2005 Purchased with proceeds
the Vancouver Art Gallery Gift of Ann and Marshall chromogenic print from the Audain Emerging
Acquisition Fund Webb Gift of the Artist Artists Acquisition Fund LEFT: Damian Moppett, Large Painting and Caryatid Maquette in Studio at Night, 2008, oil on canvas, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Gift from a Private Collection, Vancouver. RIGHT: Marian Penner Bancroft, spiritland/Octopus Books, Fourth Avenue, 1987, silver gelatin print, Collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Purchased with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts Acquisition Assistance Program and the Vancouver Art Gallery Acquisition Fund.
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