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through a glass, darkly

June 30 to September 30, 2012
Organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery
Curated by Bruce Grenville, Senior Curator

Composed primarily of works from the Vancouver Art Gallery’s permanent collection and augmented by select
loans, this exhibition offered a number of perspectives on perception and its relationship to memory. Never static,
memory is always unstable, open to contestation, disavowal and deferral. It refers to what has already been, but is
situated in the present and is enacted through the body. The imperfections of memory are often blamed for our
inability to clearly represent past experiences and events; our vision might be clouded by ulterior motives, obscured
by desire or blocked by fear and anxiety. We are doomed, it is said, to view the world as if “through a glass, darkly.”
RIGHT: Installation view featuring Jin-me Yoon, Beneath, 2011, multi-channel video installation, Courtesy of the Artist and Catriona Jeffries Gallery.
The emergence of photography, film and video in the past century has compounded this problem. With their
seeming objectivity, these media offer us the promise of an irrefutable image of the past. Yet today, with the
ubiquitous presence of digital images, a picture is so easily and seamlessly manipulated that doubt is beginning
to overtake the claims to truth. The contemporary artists in this exhibition have chosen to embrace such doubt,
seeing in it the complexity of our existence. Their works pose fundamental questions about the human condition
and our perception of the world both past and present.
ARTISTS: Marian Penner Bancroft, Christian Boltanski, Rebecca Brewer, Geneviève Cadieux, Eugenio Dittborn,
Betty Goodwin, Mark Lewis, Alex Morrison, Jin-me Yoon

Visionary Partner: Michael O’Brian Family Foundation
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