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is known internationally for its artistic excellence, diversity,
quality of life and incredible beauty. For nearly eighty years,
the Vancouver Art Gallery has stood as a cultural corner-
stone of this dynamic city on the Pacific Rim. It is the
Gallery’s privilege to present the work of outstanding Cana-
dian and international artists---both past and present---for
the benefit of those who call British Columbia home, as well
as for those who travel to Vancouver to experience all that this remarkable region has to
At the Vancouver Art Gallery, many significant milestones were achieved during the
past year. Key among these was an innovative series of exciting exhibitions, all but one of
which were organized by the Gallery. From the strategic pairing of Emily Carr with four
contemporary British Columbia artists in
In Dialogue with Carr: Douglas Coupland, Evan Lee,
Liz Magor, Marianne Nicolson,
to the designers, architects and cultural practitioners who
gave voice to the diverging ideas in
WE: Vancouver–12 Manifestos for the City,
Ken Lum,
the compelling large-scale survey of one of Canada’s most acclaimed artists, the exhibi-
tions were exceptional. The year culminated with an extraordinary array of works from 80
prestigious museums and private collections featured in
The Colour of My Dreams: The Sur-
realist Revolution in Art,
a massive exhibition three years in the making that included the
art of Salvador Dalí, André Breton, Joan Miró, Leonora Carrington, René Magritte, Man Ray
and other leading figures of Surrealism.
As we lay the groundwork for a new Vancouver Art Gallery that will feature permanent,
dedicated galleries for our important holdings of historic and contemporary art, the con-
tinued growth of the collection is of vital importance. Thanks to the generosity of many
contributors, 167 new artworks were acquired this year. The Gallery also continued to ben-
efit from government support, as well as the tremendous generosity of corporations, indi-
viduals and foundations. In these challenging times, it is this support that not only enables
us to present outstanding exhibitions, but to also offer school programs that serve nearly
30,000 students annually, unique family programs such as
Weekly Family Programs
Family FUSE Weekend,
as well as lectures, artist talks, tours and our ever popular
events for young adults.
Despite all of these accomplishments, we end this fiscal year with a deficit. But with a