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The past
twelve months have been marked by an exceptional slate of exhibi-
tions, rich educational programs and outstanding events at the Van-
couver Art Gallery. Without question, the Gallery’s innovative and
ambitious program continues to set the highest of standards in
Canada. In addition, the Vancouver Art Gallery realized another
important stride forward in our goal to build a new, purpose-built
facility with the City of Vancouver’s decision to set aside two acres of
the City-owned site at Georgia and Cambie Streets to explore cultural development. In the coming
months, we look forward to working with all those who have an interest in ensuring the expansion and
renewal of this great institution.
In June, I assumed the role of Interim Chair of the Vancouver Art Gallery as David Aisenstat
stepped away from his leadership role on the Board of Trustees due to health issues. Few individuals
have been greater proponents for the Gallery than David, and we continue to wish him a full recovery.
I extend profound gratitude and appreciation to our donors, sponsors, volunteers and to all of the
members of the Gallery’s staff, as well as tomy colleagues on the Board for their leadership andmany
volunteer hours in guiding this institution. I particularly wish to recognize and congratulate Gallery
Director Kathleen Bartels, who marked her tenth anniversary of exemplary leadership in 2011. Her
tireless efforts in increasing the collection, growing the Gallery’s base of support and elevating the
institution’s program to an international level have truly been remarkable. We are extremely fortu-
nate to have her at the helm of this great organization.
The Vancouver Art Gallery does not exist in isolation and, unfortunately, we end this twelve-
month period with an operating deficit. The economic climate that has affected other not-for-profits
throughout North America has also made its mark on this organization, resulting in unfulfilled donor
commitments and decreased earned revenues. Together with management, the Board of Trustees is
facing this challenge “head on,” and with the full support of the Board and a long-term financial strat-
egy, will continue to successfully steer this organization through these difficult economic times.
In its 80th year, the Vancouver Art Gallery remains a vital and dynamic organization, and as we
prepare for the new and exciting opportunities the future holds, your support is more valued than
ever. My sincere thanks to you all.
George Killy, Interim Chair, Board of Trustees, Vancouver Art Gallery