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Ann Cameron
Mr. Peter A. Cherniavsky
Leslie G. Cliff and
Mark Tindle
Mr. Kenneth and
Mrs. Barbara Cross
Mr. Tamas Cseza
Mr. Christos and
Mrs. Sophie Dikeakos
Colin and Anne Dobell
Scott Elliott
John de Courcey Evans
Ms. Teresa M. Frolek
Mr. Kurt H. Gagel
Judy Gale
Ms. Judy Garner
David and Barbara Gillanders
Mr. David M. Goudge
The Hamber Foundation
Darlene Hayne
Mrs. F. Mary Hungerford
Joseph and Nancy Kovalik
Ms. Carolyn and
Dr. Richard Kramer
Terry and Charlene
Paul Larocque
Mrs. Sarah and
Mr. Brian Lewis
Donna Leyland
John and Marian MacFarlane
Mr. John and
Mrs. Jane Macintyre
Mr. F. and Mrs. Geraldine
Tom Meighan
Mr. Dennis G. Miller
Coleen and Howard Nemtin
Mr. Chris and
Mrs. Donna Nicolls
Mr. John and
Mrs. Diane Norton
Heather C. Notman
John and Helen O’Brian
Arne Olsen
Mr. Greg and Mrs.Marilyn Peet
Mr. Darrin Pezer and
Ms. Negar Khatami
Ms. Catherine Robertson
and Mr. Alex Shorten
Dr. Martin and
Mrs. Grace Robin
Robert and Jeanie Sanderson
Ms. Liana Sipelis and
Dr. Darius Viskontas
Peter and Alison Speer
Donald and Pamela Steele
Stein Medical Clinic
Mr. Michael and
Mrs. Dana Sullivant
Ms. Lynn Frances Teixeira
Mr. Nicholas and
Mrs. Vaughan Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. Garth Thurber
Leslie G. Cliff and Mark Tindle
Mr. Steve Tuckwood
Dr. Gary Wagenheim and
Dr. Carolyn P. Egri
Allan and Joyce Waisman
H.P. Wakefield
Ms. Carole Walkinshaw
Mr. Terry Whitehead
Mr. Milton and Mrs. Fei Wong
Mr. Peter and Mrs. Opal Wong
Dr. Robert Woods and
Mrs. Petra Tode-Woods
Rory and Jane Young
$750 or more
Canadian Western Bank
Ms. Marna Disbrow
Bruce Grenville
Ms. and Mr. Nancy E. Hill
Mr. Carl and
Mrs. Mavis Jonsson
Ms. Elizabeth MacKenzie
Napaja Enterprises Ltd.
Naramata Bench Wineries
Dr. David Netboy and
Mrs. Marian Alexander
Mrs. Berniece Piwek
Mr. Jim S. Poole
Ms. A. Rowles
Mr. Anthony Sessions
Mrs. Maureen Tymkiw
Van Dop & Associates
Mr. Eric and
Mrs. Shirley Wilson
$500 or more
Mr. Bob Ayers
Mr. Robin and
Mrs. Eleanor Elliott
Dale C. Essar
Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Gillian
Mr. John Gregory and
Ms. Chrislana Orr
Mr. Patrick Hill
Mr. Richard E. Lester
Trevor and Wendy Mantle
Mr. Julian Marlowe
Mr. Gordon and
Mrs. Joan McConkey
Dr. Tom and Mrs. Joy McCusker
Scott and Corky McIntyre
Mr. Andrew McLetchie
Mr. Don and Mrs. June Ogden
Mr. Peter and
Mrs. Penelope Pearse
Mr. Kenneth and
Mrs. Georgina Reynolds
Mr. Fred and Ms. Teresa Sharp
Mr. J.E. Smith
Anona Thorne and
Takao Tanabe
Presenting Sponsor:
River District Vancouver,
A New Community
by ParkLane Homes
Visionary Partner:
Michael O’Brian Family
Additional support from
Culinary Capers Catering
The Georgia Straight
The Vancouver Sun
In Memory of
Katherine (Kitty) Heller
Mr. Rae and
Miss Alyksandra Ackerman
Mr. Michael J. Audain and
Ms. Yoshiko Karasawa
Equinox Gallery
Mrs. Jan C. Farish
Professor Michiel Horn
Mrs. Tamar Nelson
Mr. Christopher Whitney
and Mr. Robert Taylor
Ms. Judy R. Wright
In Honour of
Rosaline Pullan
In Memory of
Dr. George Griffiths
Mr. Joseph and
Mrs. Nancy Lee Warnock
For the little artist,
Gavin Harmsen,
on his birthday
Mrs. Kimberly Harmsen
Estate of Eric Sonner
Estate of Katherine (Kitty)
J. Heller
Estate of Lewis Wilkinson
Canada Council for the Arts
City of Vancouver:
Cultural Services
Public Art Program
(Ian Gillespie, President,
Westbank; Ben Yeung,
President, Peterson
Investment Group; and the
residents of Shangri-La)
Province of British Columbia:
British Columbia Arts
British Columbia Ministry
of Housing and Social
Development, Gaming
Policy and Enforcement
Government of Canada:
Young Canada Works in
Heritage Organizations
Canada Travelling
Exhibitions Indemnification