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From July 2010 to June 2011, the Vancouver Art Gallery
acquired 167 artworks through purchase and donation, bringing the total number of works
in the collection to 10,170.
Contemporary art continues to be a strong focus of the Gallery’s acquisition program,
with significant purchases of work by local artists for the collection. Included was a monu-
mental work by Geoffrey Farmer,
The Surgeon and the Photographer
, which was made possible
through the contributions of the Jean MacMillan Southam Major Art Purchase Fund, Phil Lind,
the Canada Council for the Arts Acquisitions Assistance Program and The Michael O’Brian
Family Foundation. With the purchase of fourteen photographs, collages and digital collages
by Roy Arden, the Gallery now has the most important institutional collection of the artist’s
work worldwide. Major new sculptural installations were also acquired, including
The Men
of My Family
by Brian Jungen and
by Liz Magor.
The Old Future
by Vancouver artist
Elizabeth McIntosh, the first work by the artist to enter the Gallery’s collection, was purchased
through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts Acquisitions Assistance Program.
The Audain Emerging Artists Acquisition Fund provided for the purchase of two works by
Evan Lee included in the 2010 exhibition
In Dialogue with Carr: Douglas Coupland, Evan Lee,
Liz Magor, Marianne Nicolson
Several other important contemporary artworks were donated for the Gallery’s collection.
BMO Financial Group gifted Rodney Graham’s
Artist’s Model Posing for “The Old Bugler, Among
the Fallen, Battle of Beaune-Roland 1870” in the Studio of an Unknown Military Painter, Paris 1885
the first photographic lightbox by the artist to be acquired by the Gallery. Michael Audain and
Yoshiko Karasawa donated a second lightbox by Graham,
Nautical Scene with Loudhailer
, as
well as a large-scale painting by Etienne Zack titled
. Alison and Alan Schwartz
continued their support of the Gallery’s collection with donations of work by Douglas Gordon
and Robert Therrien. Rojeanne and Jim Allworth donated Jerry Pethick’s major sculpture
Semaphore Goya
, Hanny and Najet Hassan contributed a large-scale installation by Jamelie
Hassan, and Richard Wozny donated a painting by emerging artist A.S. Dhillon.
Several artists made donations of their own work, including Roy Arden, Eric Deis, Michael
Drebert, Anthony Hernandez, Ann Kipling, Liz Magor, Scott McFarland, Reece Terris, Bill Vazan
and O Zhang. Rebecca Belmore gifted her work
as part of a performance held in front of
the Vancouver Art Gallery entitled
Worth (Statement of Defence)
. Lawrence Weiner contributed
a number of works to augment the Gallery’s complete holdings of the artist’s posters.