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The Vancouver Art Gallery
continues to enhance the experience of visitors by offering new ways of engaging with art
in unique and meaningful ways.
Gallery Learning
Through experiencing art, the Vancouver Art Gallery’s School Programs
inspire and have a lasting impact on young visitors’ understanding of the world. In 2010/11,
a series of inventive workshops for the exhibitions
WE: Vancouver — 12 Manifestos for the
Ken Lum
from the collection: Unreal
were presented for school students. More than
20,000 students participated in tours, with in-depth teachers’ packages provided for pre-visit
learning. Students from grades one through twelve worked collaboratively in Gallery work-
shops, sharing and developing ideas and projects together. Social media was introduced
as an integral part of the workshop process and as a means for young people to distribute
their ideas and insights to their friends and peers. In addition, more than 100 children from
three schools were part of a three-day special program exploring art and museums, while
150 Lower Mainland teens experienced unique one-day workshops. Six teacher professional
days were also held for 200 British Columbia teachers.
The Vancouver Art Gallery’s Weekly Family Programs series, offering free activities for
families every weekend, continued to grow and expand through the development of key partner-
ships in the community. Elizabeth Mackenzie and Cindy Mochizuki were among the artists who
created inspiring new projects for Gallery visitors. As part of the Weekly Family Programs
series, the Gallery launched a new spring break program, increasing annual offerings to families
and welcoming more than 1,000 children during the holiday period.
The Gallery also joined several local organizations, including the Vancouver Board of
Parks and Recreation, the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, and the Roundhouse and Sunset
Community Centres, as a participant in the annual Vancouver Draw Down festival.
Gallery Talks
Practitioners from both inside and outside the visual art world were
welcomed to the Gallery to provide different viewpoints relating to the exhibitions. Migration
expert Henry Yu, poet Roy Miki and mathematician Isabella Laba, as well as artists Khan Lee,
Laiwan, Ruth Scheuing, Sandra Meiss, Eric Metcalfe and Marina Roy were among the many
voices heard this year.
Sustain: Vancouver
, the Gallery’s conference exploring how models of
culture, ecology and economics might shape the future, presented artists Anya Gallaccio and