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from the collection
January 22 to September 5, 2011
Organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery
Curated by Daina Augaitis, chief curator/associate director
Generously supported by our Visionary Partner: Michael O’Brian Family Foundation
Artists: Vikky Alexander, Karel Appel, Roy Arden, Francis Bacon, Maxwell Bates, bill bissett, Claude Breeze,
Matthew Brown, Lesley Dill, Marcel Dzama, Gathie Falk, Geoffrey Farmer, Steve Gianakos, Graham Gillmore,
Angela Grossmann, Richard Hamilton, Simon Hantaï, Mona Hatoum, Eikoh Hosoe, Carole Itter, Dion Kliner,
Harold Klunder, Jiri Kolar, Gary Lee-Nova, Glenn Lewis, Attila Richard Lukacs, Jock Macdonald, Myfanwy MacLeod,
Vicky Marshall, Luanne Martineau, David Mayrs, Paul McCarthy, Jason McLean, Sandra Meigs, Annette Messager,
Eric Metcalfe, Al Neil, bpNichol, Tony Oursler, Marlo Pascual, Alfred Pellan, Jerry Pethick, Ed Pien, Christopher
Pratt, Robert Rauschenberg, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Marina Roy, Marianna Schmidt, Jack Shadbolt, Cindy Sherman,
Sylvia Tait, Simon Tookoome, Vincent Trasov, Irene Whittome, Judy Williams, Paul Wunderlich, Lawrence Paul
Yuxweluptun, Etienne Zack, Elizabeth Zvonar